• Name: World War II motorcycle RC Building Blocks
  • No.: C51022W
  • Added time: 2018-03-12
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  • Specification
    Item No.: C51022W
    Model Name: World War II motorcycle RC Building Blocks
    Size of vehicle (cm):34.3*16.6*18.1
    Size of box (cm):42*9*34
    No of Bricks(pcs):550
    Size of carton(cm):56.5*43*70.5
    Net Weight(kg):13.8
    1. CaDA high-end power group, you can turn on the switch to observe the motorcycle drive system and the rear wheel move up;
    2. Simulation shock absorbed system, high reduction real car physical modeling;
    3. Manual pulling the moving parts will not easily fall off;
    4. Motorcycle head can be manually left and right steering, many movable parts for play, the normal collision particles will not scattered;
    5. exquisitehigh-grade atmosphere packaging, children's best gifts;
    Battery compartment and battery information: 
    JV1005 / 1.5V AA battery * 6; (Battery not included) 
    Front turning angle: 20 degrees left and right 
    Rear wheel speed: about 130R / M


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