• Name: M4A1 Assault rifle Block Gun
  • No.: C81005W
  • Added time: 2018-03-12
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  • Specification
    Item No.: C81005W
    Model Name: M4A1 Assault rifle Block Gun
    Product size(cm):70*6.9*24.6
    Bracket size(cm):10.4*2.5*13.0
    Size of box (cm):42*9*34
    No of Bricks (pcs):621
    QTY (pcs):12
    Size of carton (cm):56.5*43*70.5
    Net Weight (kg):15.8
    1. set "science and technology building blocks "and "gun shooting battle"two major characteristics as one, much play-ability
    2. launched a rubber band function, up to 6 rubber bands can be launched continuously;
    3. butt retractable adjustment, cartridge clip removable, pulling pins, trigger and other components can be moved, the gun has a number of moving parts for play;
    4. can build with a display stand, increase product features;
    5. modeling high imitation gun appearance, realistic modeling, high-end design;
    6. exquisite high-grade atmosphere packaging, children's best gifts.



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