• Name: KAKA Robot RC Building Blocks
  • No.: C51027W
  • Added time: 2018-04-14
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  • Specification
    Item No.:C51027W
    Model Name:KAKA Robot RC Building Blocks
    Size of vehicle(cm):The main style:18.8*21.1*28.1 Sub-modeling:31.6*17.6*18.8
    Size of box(cm):42.0*9.0*34.0
    No of Bricks(pcs):710
    Size of carton(cm):56.8*43.5*70.5
    Net Weight(kgs):19.7
    Battery for vehicle:JV1010/7.4V lithium battery*1; (battery included)


    1、Based on the hot topics of robots, this model includes three major characteristics of building blocks/remote control/speed racing,which is more playable; 
    2、Two kinds of changable shapes (robots + scorpion), a variety of cool styles, creative assembling to exercise children's thinking ability; 
    3、CaDA blocks lastest remote control, new rechargeable lithium battery receiver box, 2.4G four-channel automatic coding frequency, super anti-jamming wireless remote control omni-directional movement; 
    4、3 set of high-torque high-grade power motor, remote control forward/backward/left turn/right turn/head and tail rotation/missile launch and other functions;
    5、The structure of robots and scorpion is stable, there are multiple moving parts on the face and body for playing; 
    6、Exquisite high-grade atmosphere packaging, children's best gifts


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