• Name: 1:18 RC Armored Cash Carrier
  • No.: E673-003
  • Added time: 2018-06-08
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  • Specification
    Item No.:E673-003
    Model Name:1:18 RC Armored Cash Carrier
    Size of vehicle(cm):33.2*11.4*13.0
    Size of box(cm):44.5*18.5*22.5
    Size of carton(cm):74.5*46.5*47.5
    Net Weight(kgs):14.7
    Battery for vehicle:300mAh,4.8V


    1. simulation armored car appearance;
    2. simulation lights, horn sound;
    3. remote control forward / backward / turn left / turn right;
    4. 2.4GHz wireless remote control, multi-car competitive play;
    5. side door and back door can be manually switch;
    6. with a complimentary police doll,to enhancethe authenticity of scene.



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