• Name: Port Engineering Series 10 in 1 Building Blocks
  • No.: C71002W
  • Added time: 2019-04-18
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  • Specification
    Item No.:C71002W
    Model Name:Port Engineering Series 10 in 1 Building Blocks
    Size of vehicle(cm):(A+B+C):10.5*44.5*11.6
    Size of box(cm):42.0*9.0*34.0
    No of Bricks(pcs):634
    Size of carton(cm):56.8*43.5*70.5
    Net Weight(kgs):21.1
    The set comes in plastic storage box. The main model is a truck with sound and motion sensors. You can choose to build other 9 different builds: forklift, gantry crane, telescopic container handler etc. Most of the builds can drive and have working lift mechanisms. You will find seperate instructions for each model.


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