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  • Name: Beebot
  • No.: C51029W
  • Added time: 2019-11-23
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Defend the Earth with the Cada C51029W Beebot! 2in1 series!


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Item No.: C51029W
Model Name: Beebot
Size of the models (cm): 
Package size (cm): 46*10.5*38 
Set pieces: 1124
Ages: 6+
Units in carton: 6 
Size of carton (cm): 68.8*49.5*40.2 
Net weight of cartoon (kg):
Cada bricks 2in1 series Beebot C51029W is here! Help him to defend the Earth!
Recreating the hero from the movie Bumblebee.
The set comes with the power pack: transmitter, battery, motor and servo.
Both builds can move: forward/backward, turn left/right. Manually pose the head, arms and fingers of the Beebot.
The Cada 2-in-1 sets, you get to choose between 2 exciting builds for even more build and play fun.
The set is delivered in luxurious box packaging.