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  • Name: Sideways Drift Monster Truck
  • No.: E337-003
  • Added time: 2019-12-07
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Double Eagle Sideways Drift Truck E337-003


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Item No.: E337-003
Model Name: Sideways Drift Truck
Scale: 1:12 
Product size (cm): 36.4*22.6*18.3
Package size (cm): 52.6*26.5*27 
Ages: 16+
Units in carton: 6 
Size of carton (cm):  
Net weight of cartoon (kg): 13.8kg
Vehicle battery: 7.4V 1200mha
Double Eagle Remote Control Sideways Drift Truck - sideways ride and 360 degrees drifts.
Remote Control: forwards/backwards/left/right. 4 wheel drive, working front LED lights, 25m control range, articulated front and rear suspension, 360 degrees rotations, sideways drive, 7.4V rechargeable vehicle battery. Very durable model truck.