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Military Series

The building blocks that based on the theme of military equipment and military life are transformed the dynamic blocks to moveable blocks , which are more playable and interactive.


Gun Series

A variety of simulation modeling toys based on firearms. Rich and changeable shapes can not only inspire children's imagination,but also exercise their children's practical ability.


The Cross-country Series

Specially designed for cross-country ,cross-country car models have a number of different models. The concept of from one to more allows building blocks to create more possibilities.


The Coupe Series

The coupe cars are the new favorite of the city, with the appearance of sports car and the comfort of car riding. A variety and different types of scenes and themes of the building blocks can lead children to explore the colorful world.


Construction Equipment Series

The building blocks toys which are based on the Construction Equipment pass the concept of creativity and innovation through the simulate scientific structure, model to the enthusiasts. 


Creative Series

Various types of innovation, produce, creation and other new themes of building blocks toys, Creative Series make building blocks more fun.